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Join us and become a beekeeper

Of course, it is necessary to have a high level of knowledge about this area so that someone can start dealing with this business. Anyone who wants to start here is to help and receive him in our team. Furthermore, the legality of bee-keeping societies known in the world of beekeeping must be respected.

Our 7  best tips for beginners in beekeeping

  1. Enchant beekeeping

Given that a small number of people are engaged in beekeeping, it is a common mistake to stimulate new beekeepers with benefits and money. Like every business, beekeeping needs to be loved so that the entire process is successful. After all, it’s not that hard. Most experienced beekeepers enjoy spending days in the nature near their hives.

  1. Learn and explore

Motivated by money, beginners in beekeeping often make a mistake by going with a larger number of hives than they can manage. It can be exhausting and discouraging, especially without additional help. Before investing in hives, invest in the necessary knowledge and consult with an experienced beekeeper, and perhaps you will help him in work and gain some experience. Literature is the best flicker during the winter, so you will be ready for the spring for what follows.

  1. Accept help – even find it!

It would be best to initiate some time with someone who has more experience than you. This is best done even before you buy your hives, so you know how to handle them, and you are familiar with what you are doing.

  1. Choose a place for your hives

When considering the appropriate locations, you have to consider several things: proximity/distance of the place, sunlight, wind, environment, and nature, pasture. We help you find a place for your hives.

  1. Have real expectations

By comparing yourself with beekeepers for many years, you may feel less worthwhile, but that’s something that should not work. Moreover, for the first couple of years, be happy if your bee company survives a year at all – and if you have a couple of pounds of honey in your family! After a few years, you can begin your investment in increasing production, since you have gained the necessary experience in wintering bees. Success will inevitably come, only you have to be patient.

  1. Be gentle towards bees

Learn to handle gently, with minimal disturbance of society. This will remain your habit over the years, so try to keep it. Unless you disturb your bee, you will see how you will mingle with them in some symbiosis over time, so that you will think that they believe you – what a wonderful thing that will enrich you.

  1. Treat the apiary properly

Regularly conduct treatments against parasites on your apiary. Always check your bees to determine if they are infected in time. Take the treatments when necessary, depending on the type of parasite. In this way, you will prevent possible infection and provide a healthy and productive bee company.