Why the beeкeeping?

Why did we become beekeepers? Many ask, and few become beekeepers. Are we, who become beekeepers, not knowing whether this is part of the personal plan or coincidence? If it’s a personal business plan, to get rich, we will realize in a couple of years that we have missed the goal. If it is love for bees, what kind of love is it if it is not returned! Where there is love, if the bees fight and defend themselves, the living space and the food they have collected. Is it a love when a beekeeper seeks to take away as much food as he has collected for himself and his offspring. The answers to these essential questions require a smaller number of beekeepers, while members do not ask questions or offer answers. They take away honey and sell. In answering the question of how it becomes a beekeeper, I exclude coincidence, because I stand at the point of view that nothing is accidental in the world, that everything has its sense of reaching out.

It’s the job that a man always goes with excitement, expectation, joy, mixed feelings and anxieties, whether the moon will be treated or experienced some disappointment. Before becoming a beekeeper, everyone should think well and reconsider their motif for beekeeping. Because if you first think about buying a centrifuge, then the hive-bee does not start, because it will not have any spiritual or material benefits from beekeeping.

How did we start?

We started with a smaller number of hives and gradually expanded the apiary by the gradual progress in beekeeping knowledge. Usually, it begins with three to five hives, but with unselfish mutual help and more.

We must always check the allergy test for bee stings. Regardless of everything, love, goodwill, and perseverance, however, the life and health of our beekeepers should be at the forefront. It is necessary to know that bee-keeping is not an easy job and that a lot of deviation, physical and mental power is required.

Not only do we work for us, whether from hobbies, enjoyment or production of honey, but we also help other farmers as our bees pollinate their plants. Cooperation with honey sellers and other farmers is in the first place. All new bee lovers are always welcome.